Success Stories


Pippin is a 6 year-old male cat that fractured his tarsal. Surgery was performed twice to correct the bone. A pin was placed in his leg and Pippin is finally doing much better.


Mambo started showing symptoms of weakness, not eating, and swelling in his abdomen. He was diagnosed with kidney failure due to stone blockage. He underwent Cystotomy surgery to remove the kidneys stones and is now back to being a happy pet.


Miley was panting and coughing and demonstrated excessive thirst. He was diagnosed with cardiac disease and placed on medicine. Miley is feeling back to normal.


Will was having difficulty breathing and panting excessively. He was treated for respiratory problems and is doing well.


Rocky was diagnosed with a perennial hernia which prevented him from emptying his bowels. After surgery, he is in good health and back to being playful.


Chapo is a high energy puppy who had an accident and fractured his leg. He had emergency surgery and is back at home


Bella is a 10-year old Domestic Shorthair who was having difficulty urinating. She was diagnosed with cystic calculi. Her growth was surgically removed and she is now back to normal.


Jade had a tumor on her right ear canal which was surgically removed. Her owner is thankful that she is no longer in pain and discomfort.


Chiquito is a 7-year old MC Chihuahua who had bilateral mandibular fractures. He was very painful and had to be syringe fed by the owners. His jaw fractures were repaired via a bone plate and screws.


Roxie is a 7-year old Labrador Retriever who had been suffering from a series of growths in her mouth and on her head. If they continued to grow the possibilities of infection spreading would be very great and severely affect the quality of her health.


Dean is a 3-year old Norwegian Forest Cat. His owner observed a very noticeable shift in his overall health and demeanor. Luckily, after noticing his continuing anguish, she took him to be evaluated.  Dean needed to be unblocked in order to gain relief.


Isabella is a 3- year old Shih-Tzu. She had severe discomfort and pain caused by a pyometra (uterine infection). Little Isabella was not acting like herself and when extreme pain and discomfort was plaguing her, Isabella’s owners acted quickly to take her to their trusted veterinarian for help.

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