Hospital Partnership Program

In an effort to help strengthen the human-animal-veterinarian bond, NY SAVE has started a new program, the Hospital Partnership Program, or HPP. It will help us achieve our goal of making sure all New York City pets receive even basic medical care. We all know that situations arise due to unforeseen circumstances, where, due to financial issues, many owners find themselves in need of funding for their pets’ care. NY SAVE is committed to assisting these owners, understanding all too well the importance of these pets to the well-being of the entire family.

The HPP is an initiative from NY SAVE that will enable us to fund the medical and surgical treatment of household pets. It is a true partnership between our foundation and local New York City veterinarians. It is designed to help an even greater number of animals than we have in the past.

Our grants will vary from $2,500 annually to a maximum of $10,000. The amount granted to each hospital will be at the discretion of the NY SAVE Board of Directors.

To qualify for our program, a veterinarian and/or an animal hospital must apply for a NY SAVE grant. The grant will be for a period of one year. If a hospital is accepted into the program, funding will be allocated on a quarterly basis.

Cases will be monitored and an audit will be conducted at the end of the first quarter. Unless otherwise communicated, this review process will take place bi-annually thereafter. All cases will be subject to random audit.

To enroll in our annual program, you will need to fill out the attached application form and return with a refundable check for $200.

The enrollment fee will entitle a qualified hospital 25 free listings in our Pet Memorial Program (a $250 value). The Pet Memorial Program provides a most appropriate way for hospitals to show their appreciation of their clients.

Please consider becoming a participating veterinarian/hospital. Together we can help New Yorkers who are struggling financially, so their pets do not have to suffer.

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