Program Guidelines

  • Owner must be living at or below the poverty level for New York City as defined: The state limit is $41,100 for a 1-person family and $58,700 for a 4-person family
  • Owners must live in one of the five boroughs and have proof of New York City residency and income must be demonstrated
  • Owners must apply and be denied medical emergency funds with Care Credit, ScratchPay, or some other type of credit vehicle
  • Funding cannot be used for rescue groups or associated with any other assistance program
  • Veterinarians must practice in one of the five New York City boroughs
  • Funding cannot be used for preventative medicine such as vaccines and parasite protection
  • Veterinarians/hospital must have an approved discounted diagnostic/procedure list
  • Funding cannot be used for the treatments of animals dropped off at Veterinarian/Hospital by “Good Samaritans”
  • Funding can be applied to cases at the discretion of the approved veterinarian/hospital administration
  • Veterinarian/hospital and owner must consent to give NY SAVE permission to use photography, audio recording, video recording, and its reproduction for promotional purposes on our website and social media platforms
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